All programs at the Coldwater School provide instruction in the provincial core learning outcomes and incorporate the following approaches:

Applied Skills Approach

The theory of Core Learning Outcomes is integrated into practical, everyday living wherever possible.


Literacy is our main focus. We work closely with First Nations Schools Association to ensure our teachers are utilizing the methods, materials and strategies that based on research to be effective and to provide data that tracks closely our students progress.

Cross Curricular Approach

English and Language Arts are incorporated into other subject areas e.g. Social Sciences, Career and Personal Planning.

Special Needs Approach, with an emphasis on:

·       Mastery of foundational skills (Literacy)

·       Cooperative learning activities (working in groups)

·       Individual goal setting, planning, and accomplishment

·       Writing process and editing skills

·       Terminology

·       Modified programs (individual education plans & applied SMART goals)

·       Criterion Referenced Education (student performance is compared to provincially established criteria)

Language and Culture Program                  

Nursery/Kindergarten                                                                           - Level One

Primary                                                                                                  - Level One and Conversation

Intermediate                                                                                         - Level One, Conversation and Speeches

Coldwater School has developed its own N’łeʔkepmx Language curriculum based on N’łeʔkepmx language used in the Coldwater community. It takes a thematic approach to provide instruction in the language. Level One includes themes on: Greetings, Counting to one thousand, Animals, Reptiles, Insects, Short Commands, Sentences, In-class Vocabulary, Colours, Body Parts, Clothing, Family, Nature, The Five Senses, Nature and Seasons, Wild Foods, Known Foods, Health and Self, Objects and Action Words.

The N’łeʔkepmx Culture Program is comprised of activities (Outdoors, Games, Music), Local Stories and hands on projects and field trips (Drying Fish, Tule Mats, Making Hemp, Tanning Hides, Hand Drums,. Gathering Tea, Salmon Run, Winter Fun, Picking Berries, Identifying Plants). These activities are combined with the N’łeʔkepmx Language Program to provide instruction in the cultural traditions of the Coldwater People. The traditional values of respect, listening and being truthful are also included.

The uniqueness and strength of the program is in its easy access to nature. Nature walks in and around the school are used to identify plants. As well, field trips are taken to local ranches and other traditional areas to harvest plants, go camping, fishing and hunting.

Moms & Tots Program

Every Monday
Hours: TBA

Nursery Program

Knowing that the years from zero to six are important in a child’s development, this program is based on five major components:

1.     N’łeʔkepmx Culture and Language

2.     Education

3.     Nutrition and Health

4.     Social Support

5.     Parent/Community Involvement

The program covers the provincial core curriculum with a focus on the local culture. Children learn through play, developing their language (N’łeʔkepmx and English), numeracy, and pre-reading skills. Through themes, children learn the animated alphabet, do journal writing, and recite nursery rhymes and poems. Center areas are used for play, kitchen, blocks, computers, play dough, painting, legos, books and puzzles. They learn about personal safety using the Care kit, which talks about good and bad touching. Field trips are used to assist children in exploring their world and in learning N’łeʔkepmxcin.

The Headstart program is a full day program, excluding Monday, a half day. The Nursery students have rest time after lunch. The daily schedule begins with independent reading, circle time, centres, N’łeʔkepmxcin, rest time, outdoor/indoor play, and themes.

Nursery program:                           4 years

Hours:   8:45 am – 3:06 pm Tuesday to Friday

Children need to have one pair of shoes at the school to wear indoors. 

Primary Program: Grades K – 3

The Primary program follows the provincial core curriculum supplemented with a N’łeʔkepmx Language and Culture program. Students participate in the following subject areas: Mathematics, Language Arts (reading, writing, printing, spelling, phonetics, grammar, and language development), Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education, Social Skills, and Personal Development. Students are encouraged to utilize thinking skills, organizational skills, independent work habits, and strategies for reading, writing and math.

Intermediate Program: Grades 4 – 7

The intermediate program follows the provincial core curriculum supplemented with N’łeʔkepmx Language and Culture program. The intermediate students are given an overview of learning and are taught how to classify learning topics into ten subjects. The students study effective learning processes: for example, goal setting and study skills, to increase their school and life success.

Every 3rd Wednesday is a half day for Kindergarden to Grade 7.