What is Coldwater School?

  • To understand the world, one must first understand humanity and your own culture. Coldwater School work with an integrated balance of cultural, practical and intellectual content in the curriculum, with an emphasis on developing social skills and community values in their students.
  • The Coldwater School's approach works from the inside out, focusing on giving children a deep confidence in their own learning process, and having a profound sense of wonder and respect for life and learning.
  • Coldwater School emphasize the importance of imagination and play-based pedagogy, which allows for the natural progression of key skills, including literacy, numeracy, social and emotional competence at a pace appropriate to a child’s development.
  • Coldwater School work with the belief that education should be accessible to all.
  • The Coldwater School is an extended learning environment for parents and teachers to work co-operatively in support of children’s education. A strong community is highly valued at the Coldwater School.
  • Coldwater School offers a Special Needs program for children who have different learning styles or learning challenges that differ from other children.

    The overall goal of the Coldwater School education is for children to be:

  • Well-grounded in their cultural and social environment;
  • Curious and confident people;
  • Honouring of the creative self;
  • Conscientious and compassionate citizens.

    How is this achieved?

    Emphasis on Wholistic Learning

  • Our educators recognize the incredible cognitive development that takes place in childhood. As such, our teachers are taught to identify how a child’s inner and outer world unfolds at each stage in a child’s life, and to support learning that will trigger the steady growth of the intellectual, physical, emotional, and moral self. At Coldwater, there is no pressure for a child to fit a particular mould, or to conform to one-dimensional standards. A Coldwater School-educated child learns in their own time and is never overwhelmed, yet is always stretched to be the best they can be.
  • Work for a Purpose

  • Coldwater School teachers model real, purposeful work in the classroom by engaging students in activities such as handwork, knitting, sewing, baking, and art. Outside, teachers and students take care of the environment by gardening, raking, filling bird feeders, shoveling, weeding, and composting. The emphasis on real work for a real purpose provides students with the balance between academic and practical living, and teaches students the value of community and the satisfaction of a job well done. In this way, Coldwater prepares students for the real world and to be great contributors to their culture and broader society.

  • Imagination and Play

  • Coldwater School values the link between children and their imaginative play, our educators believe the imagination is the key to creative thinking in later life.
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“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
— Albert Einstein
I want to bring the sparkle back in our childrens’ eyes.
— Gordon Antoine