Dental Hygiene


The students had a visit from Stoyoma Dental Clinic on Thursday, January 19th and she demonstrated the importance of brushing and had a display chart with many beverages that have sugar.  Students got to see the amount and compare.

They discussed ways that can cut down on sugar?  Each student received a toothbrush which will be kept here at the school so they can continue to brush their teeth. 

For our community Stoyoma provides a fluoride treatment which is offered to our membership age 0 – age 6.


January is Literacy Month


Kudos to all our students!  They are doing very well with reading.  Every morning they spend at least 20 minutes reading. Support your child by reading with them or have them read nightly.  Their love for reading is a big bonus as they move forward in their education.

Join in our community reading program called The Red Book Shelf, the books are donated for free. Come in and browse through the variety of books find a book you’d like to read and bring home with you.  We have the shelve refilled throughout the year.  You can bring the book back or come and pick another one or pass it on to someone who may enjoy it. So many choices!

Winter Fun Day - January 17, 2017

The students had a lot of fun with sledding.  Bill built a great campfire that everyone stood by to warm up.   We all enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows, hot dogs and other goodies.


We welcomed the wonderful support from many of the family members who participated in our Winter Fun Day.  When the large snowflakes came down they added to all our joy.  


Aboriginal Headstart - Upgrades In the Classroom

During the Winter Break the Nursery and Portage Classroom received upgrades for the flooring.  They have removed the twenty year linoleum and the carpeting.  It was replaced with linoleum throughout the classroom.  Since they have been back in session the students enjoy their room.  This funding was made possible by the Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve – Social Infrastructure Project.  Much nicer when it comes to cleaning in these rooms.  


 Nursery Classroom prior to remodel

Nursery Classroom prior to remodel

 Students are in session working ona puzzle in the Nursery classroom, on the new floor.

Students are in session working ona puzzle in the Nursery classroom, on the new floor.

Report Card Update

Report Card Update


Report Cards was one area that was revised this year.


Throughout BC the schools are exploring options for reporting to parents.


 It is a move away from the tradition report card.   Our staff were reviewing the new formats to this process.  They would normally give student achievement. 


Now they are to provide parents with student strengths their areas of growth with a descriptive approach.   It is meant to be an ongoing communication of learning.


By spring we will have a completely revised process. 


The Parent Teacher Interviews have been scheduled for the first week of January.  Thursday, January 5, 2016.


Enjoy your Winter Break and we will see you on Tuesday, January 3, 2016.



Coldwater School Staff and Students Education Board would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year